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A94, Much has been written about synaesthesia under LSD. Perhaps we should extend the range of the concept a bit. The senses are thought of as the windows on the world, the direct sources of all our experience. Ultimately they are, but there are many objects of experience that are not perceived through the senses, but via, for example, the intellect or the emotions. Under psychedelic drugs many of these objects, such as love, freedom, religion, a particular human relationship, a political idea, or particularly a mystical doctrine, may be felt directly through the senses. Allegories like the Pilgrim's Progress (not an ideal example, owing the harshness of its outlook) may be felt as literally rather than merely symbolically true.

AM282 In The Gutenberg Galaxy McLuhan supports anti-individualism but abhors vulgarity. He suspects this may be just snobbery in himself, so advocates surrender to it. He identifies synaesthesia as a kind of erotic paradise. In effect the gregarious heaven of the mediocre. He refuses to admit the real objection to this, and this is where he is like Hegel.

AM 305 McLuhan's paradise, the synaesthesia, that he suggests is the whole meaning of mystical experience. To lay this down as the meaning is an act of religious tyranny. It denies the will to power. That my happiness should be defined in terms of a theory I do not accept is objectionable in the extreme . An individual will, like the will to power, is seen as resting on misunderstanding or a maladaptation.

The promise held out is experienced as slave morality because it is predicated upon denial of an individual will.

McLuhan as defining happiness.. Though there is much ambiguity in his writing. Like Hegel he covers himself very well. But who can be satisfied with his definition?

As well as the descriptive element it has the nature of a recommendation. That happiness be thought of in terms of this theory, in accordance e with it. There will be misfits, the maladjusted, classified as unhealthy in one way or another.

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